Hello Friends. First let me begin by saying “Thank You”. Thank you for all of the kind words, prayers, messages, cards, flowers, food and on and on over this past week or so. I’ve been so blessed to have Kristina in my life for almost 4 years now. Your kind words and prayers have been a strength and comfort to me. I know many of you follow the “goings on” here on Facebook and our past blog posts. Those that attended her funeral this past Sunday were treated to something she had written on February 5th, just one day before her 52nd birthday. It was a true testament of her faith in God that she believed He would heal her and that she would live a long, productive life. But God had other plans for her, which she was accepting of and she now resides with Him. Please take a moment and read some of the last words she’d written before moving on to the afterlife to be with her Heavenly Father. Just like her life, her words were very inspirational.


Kristina & her love, Scott

Tomorrow is my 52nd birthday. I thought it fitting to write my vision statement for the rest of my life, as of today, February 5th 2018. My vision starts with Life. I choose it!! And I accept his healing to come to full manifestation quickly! I receive it in full! That statement written, I am believing, God, that I will meet my grandchildren’s children. I will live the rest of my life in abundant health. A vibrant life full of passion that will leave a major impact on my family, friends, enemies, acquaintances, Princeton KY, the USA and the world. In order to accomplish this, I will not live a life of fear but search for truth in all living things. When dark fear rises up in me I will simply start thanking God for all that is good and right and speak His word…”I will not die but live and proclaim what the Lord has done…And…by his stripes…I am healed. Daily, I will strive to rest in that peace, that speaking His word gives. I will not pray daily for my healing but will thank Him for it already. I will remind myself that His timing is perfection and I will trust in that. When I hurt and cry out in pain, My Father hears me. He is a present help in time of danger. He will rescue me always. I choose life and I choose it in Abundance.

All the lies we have been taught about health and healing. I rebuke out of my mind. God intended us to live long, healthy, fulfilling lives and I receive that blessing in full, today! Daily I will be the healed protecting my health. I will speak His word despite circumstances.
In my home there will be peace and harmony. When evil tries to rise up and cause disruption, we will recognize quickly the sound from which disruption comes. We will seek resolution, forgiveness and peace. We will rebuke evil from our home by speaking his word such as “Get thee behind me, Satan…you have no place here. Nothing will be tolerated from evil. When evil knocks, we will recognize it for exactly what it is. It cannot stay! Peace and harmony will be present and in abundance.

Her smile is radiant!!!

That being said, I am believing God for a new addition on Battle Creek Farm. I want a 2 story addition that will house generations of our family. I want a peaceful porch and hot tub for Scott and I to enjoy alone or together with friends and family. It will be beautiful and all we ever dreamed of. I speak it believing to receive. Many precious memories will be made in this new addition in our long, satisfying lives together. If God wants us somewhere else, a family member will always reside here with ownership. My grandfather’s great, great grandchildren will have full rights to this farm as their inheritance.  In our businesses, we will thrive. My personal goal in the restaurant…at Battle Creek Farm Wedding Venue and with Young Living is to spread truth and light to this dark world. To speak healing over their lives and teach them to do the same. I want every customer of each business to feel welcomed, accepted and loved when they leave. I want our businesses to shine in the community and bless all the other businesses around us because of Gods Favor on our businesses and lives. I speak that within the next 6 months our profits will do exceedingly and abundantly above what we can even imagine. I believe our mortgage will be paid off by October of 2018 and I’m already thanking God for that! We will no longer be the borrower but the lender to many. I speak provision where there is lack. We will be blessed coming in and blessed coming out. Our seeds will produce abundance this year and many lives will be changed because of our prosperity. We will be cheerful givers to change lives for His glory.
In our marriage, we will love and forgive even when its hard. We will cherish each other as one of the greatest blessings we have ever received. I will become less selfish and more selfless where Scott is concerned. I will honor and cherish him for all he sacrifices for me. When issues arise and we are experiencing lack, we will come together in prayer and seek your answers. We will worship you together and grow together in our walk with you. We will be of like minds in all things and when we are not, we will figure out the compromise together…always seeking His will. No weapon formed against Scott of I will be able to prosper in any way. We will look to you and we will prevail. We will love each other with ease in our long, satisfying life together!

My vision for my children is a full, satisfying life that looks to God for all their needs. They will live their lives off our money as their children will benefit as well. I speak generational curses of pride, lack, poor health, addictions, lies and anything else that comes from darkness, be broken today…February 5th 2018. Everything they set their hand to will prosper and the will use their harvest for your Glory, Father.
Yes…I know my vision did not include problems and yes…I am aware problems will come. Starting today, they will go as fast as they come, because we trust you with our lives and we know you only want good things for us. We will ignore the discomfort problems bring and wait on your deliverance in peace and prayer.

We will speak what we have!!!

My vision is limitless in all things my life requires to live out His destiny for it. He gets all the Glory with a thankful heart. I will conquer my destiny and I will do it with abundant health, wealth and wisdom.

Kristina Evans
February 5th, 2018