Beautiful, beautiful Kristina

It’s been a few weeks since our last blog. By the time you’re done reading this, I think you’ll understand why.  The good news is that next weeks blog is already complete (in honor of Father’s Day) so make sure you tune back in then as well.

Just two short weeks ago we were on a road…headed in a certain direction when all of a sudden everything changed.  Kristina and I had no idea that our lives were about to change.  You see, Kristina has been having this really bad cough.  At night, the cough has gotten so bad that it was waking the both of us up.  So on Friday, May the 26th, she went to see her doctor.  Her doctor sent her to the local hospital for some chest x-rays.  After the x-ray was complete, Kristina went back to the doctor’s office.  By the time she’d arrived, the hospital had called back and said they’d found something disturbing on her x-ray and wanted her to come back and have a CAT scan done.  So here she went back to the hospital…again.

A few hours passed by and the doctor finally called.  They had found a rather large tumor in her right lung.  This was the Friday before Memorial Day weekend so nothing else was going to come of finding any answers until at least Tuesday.  That next Tuesday, we went to see a Pulmonologist at the hospital in Murray.  After doing a physical exam, he asked us both to come in to his office.  He proceeded to look over that CAT scan information and turned to us and said “I don’t think this looks good.  I’m very concerned with what I see.”  “Doctor, do you think it could be cancer?” Kristina asked.  The doctor replied “I think because of the size of the tumor, it’s very likely that it is.”  So at this point, we were sent home to wonder and worry.  I’d already lost one wife less then five years ago to pneumonia.  There’s no way God would take a second one from me.  Our next step was to have a biopsy done.  So on Thursday June 1st, we headed back to Murray.  After the procedure, the doctor came back to her room where I had been waiting.  He explained to me every thing he’d done but told me the results would probably not be ready until Monday.  Another few days of having to wait.  This past Monday, June 5th, we received the call.  The doctor confirmed what he believed,  that Kristina had lung cancer.  The kind she had was called “small cell”.  He explained that small cell cancer can spread very quickly, however it was very treatable as well.  Since that time we have scheduled an appointment with an oncologist to discuss treatment options.

The last couple of weeks have been very emotional.  In a very short period of time we seem

Kristina & the one who gives her strength.

to have experienced every emotion you can think of.  But one of the many qualities about Kristina that I’ve always admired has been her faith.  She knows that it’s best to turn all of this over to God and that’s exactly what we are going to do.  We ask for your prayers, as we all know what chemo therapy can do to a person.  But we have faith that we will get through this storm and get back on the right road that has led us here.  We have too many people that count on us to let anyone down.  Not to mention, we’ve made a very large investment in this restaurant and want to continue to see it flourish.  So keep us in your prayers these next few weeks and months as we search to find our way along this path.