Wow guys,. last weeks blog was so much fun to finally get to write. Thanks again for all who read it and responded with such kind words and excitement.  As you read this, things are a bit chaotic in our kitchen. Trying to renovate and stay open will be a feat, and there will be a few days we will have to close as we transition towards the end of getting all the upgraded kitchen equipment in place.  We will keep everyone posted on those dates as we get closer to time. For now though, lets talk a little more specifics on the Mercantile that is coming soon!!

This kind of talent is hard to find, but will be the kind you can find in our bakery coming soon. Jacki made this cake for her own wedding!!

To say we are very excited is putting it mildly. One of the aspects I am most looking forward to  is our mini French bakery filled with beautiful things that will be just as pleasing to the eye as they are the mouth. That being said, I am so thrilled we have my sweet friend, Jacki McGregor, on board to help with many aspects of this.  If you have been to the Breezy in the last few months, or checked out our Facebook page, you have seen some of her work in the baking department.  Guys, she is amazing with her beautiful cakes and cupcakes. They are works of art and a treat for the mouth. I have seen many cakes in my day that were beautiful, but the taste was a way different story. Not hers!!! Every time I have to take the first slice out of one of her cakes, I cringe !!! It’s like taking a knife to your favorite piece of art. Good news is there is always more where that came from and she quickly replaces her works of art that are  devoured quickly. I am so thankful to have her on board to help me cure our customers sweet tooth. It was getting to be way more than I could handle by myself, and I am so blessed to have found someone as talented as Jacki Is. Her and I spent several days trying to come up with the perfect name for her line of baked goods. “Sweet Confections by Jacki”  seemed to be the perfect fit. Jacki said, and I quote, “I am always looking for something new to do when it comes to cake decorating or cupcakes. I like to be different, and make my own statement. I like using fresh flowers on wedding cakes because I think it is very earthy and ver natural looking. I think the  best part of a cake is the beauty you see before  it is ever cut and served.”

A small cake made for a birthday party.

She has also made special “little” cakes just for our customers that were coming here for a special occasion. They are so stinkin cute, and make the customers special day even more special. We of course have to have pre orders for these to give Jacki the time to get them done with her hectic schedule.


Her talent goes far beyond baking, but it is definitely one of her greatest passions. It started when she was young teenager piddling around with her Mom who decorated cakes. Jacki said fortunately she has the “crafty gene” as well. I would agree. Now her Momma is smiling down on her because she is successfully following in her foot steps.  She got her basics and advanced skills in a 12 week course she took at Michael’s in Paducah.   She is also a hair dresser at Salon 5. She has owned her own business for 27 years. Not only can she make your cakes beautiful, she can make you beautiful as well. Jacki has also worked  at the Tin Roof for two years helping  Molly Egbert make her shop a “must visit!”  She  has also managed Eddy Grove Winery for  7 years. Jackie would incorporate Dr. Hall”s wine in some of her baking recipes.  Jacki has her own secret recipe for her frosting of which she won’t divulge to anyone, not even me. I don’t blame her one bit cause it is the perfect frosting.   She is always willing to  “get the job done” when she is called on in every aspect of her life. As she has told me before, ” No grass grows under my feet!” And I can vouch for that.

So friends, when the Mercantile opens its doors, one of the first things you will see is sweet treats sure to put a smile on your face, and song in your mouth. Jacki will be a huge part of that along with myself and of course Pop’s who will keep the homemade ice cream coming.  A French style bakery that speaks happiness to all that enter. For any coffee freaks out there like myself, you will have many options to choose from to go along with your sugar fix. We will always strive to keep it warm and inviting, and this is one of the aspects that will speak to your senses.  Not to mention the gorgeous views outside our window and on our porch that our establishment provides to make it a little oasis from this hectic world we live in. We always want you to leave happy and satisfied . You are our priority and our passion. You make it possible for many talented, passionate people to come on board with us and show case their talents. We will be featuring more of them in the future.

Until next week friends, God Bless and have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends. Remember, keep dreaming as big as the sky. Dreams do come true when you take good care of the “seed dream.”It may not turn out anything like you thought, but if you have faith and keep working at it, it will turn out even better than you could have dreamed or imagined.  Kristina