If you have ever worked in a small business setting, you know how the people you work with on a daily basis become your extended family. They say to never take work home with you, but I find that impossible.  What my employees have going on in their lives, their accomplishments, failures, bad days, good days, worries, hurts, and day-to-day living decisions become a big part of my thought process.

For the last two years, I have been blessed to have some of the best servers anyone could ask for. If you have ever managed a restaurant, you know what a feat that is. Most of my current servers,  with the exception of one have been with us going on 2 years, and my two daughter in-laws have been with us from the beginning of Adams Breezy Hill Farms opening in 2011. As mentioned in my 1st blog, Brittney was my very first server and daughter in law. Marky Jo came into the picture shortly there after. Both of them still work at the family business on a part-time basis. Marky Jo is also building her cosmetology business.  After all, they are busy raising my 3 perfect and precious grand babies! Alyssa Gilliland, Molly Thomas, and Amber Blick have been with me for almost 2 years, and Emily Boyd for several months now.  All these girls are like the daughters I never had. I love them all and so appreciate all they have done for this restaurant as we grow. I could not do it without them. They are the face of Adams Breezy Hill Farm and represent all we stand for so well with grace and beauty.  I could not be any more proud of my “front of the house” crew and I wanted to honor their hard work and dedication to our family business.

Yep, they have their bad days when they just are not feeling the hospitality we require for the position of a server. But, as much as they are like daughters to me, they are like sisters to each other. If one is down and having a bad day, one of the others is always ready to step in and lift the other up with words of encouragement and a helping hand to get through a rough spot. I have watched all of them grow up and mature so much in the last two years and I am always thankful and proud when they are able to rise above a bad situation and put our customers first, despite what may be going on with them on any given day. That takes maturity, guts and a true servers heart to be able to accomplish this, week in and week out. I have always said, everyone needs to be a public servant at some point in your life. It gives you a new prospective on how tough it can be to rise above your own emotions and put others first, despite what may be going on in your own personal world. My girls have grown into this maturity and I know it will serve them well in life no matter where they end up. There work ethic, professionalism, and caring attitude will take them to new heights what ever avenue they chose to walk down.

Just like my own children and grand children, each of these girls are unique in their own special way. They each bring different personalities, strengths and weaknesses but together they make one heck of a team. The one thing they have in common is their love for each other and my love for them. Like sisters, they have their little spats, but I always marvel at how they resolve their issues with each other and move forward.  I have had to endure several other great servers leaving over the years to go on to bigger and better things, and it always stings a little to lose part of your “family.” when you become attached. I owe them all, past and present, much gratitude and wish a life full of blessings as they move forward.

So, thank you girls for all you do on a daily basis. You make a very difficult job look easy and I wouldn’t be able to do it with out you.I know you have gained some life long friendships in each other and I hope I have added value to your life as well.  You keep me young, and make me laugh!! You sometimes frustrate me and make me want to scream. You make me roll my eyes, then you make me want to give you a hug. That’s what “family” is…a whole lot of emotions rolled up into on crazy package just getting through this thing called life. I am honored that I have gotten to walk along beside you on part of your journey and you have enriched my world by all of you just being you. No matter where life takes you, always keep a servers heart. The return on this investment will keep giving back 10 fold year after year. Kristina