The beginnings of Adams Breezy Hill Farm Restaurant.

“& what’s to come”

Friends, I can not believe the day has come.  We  get to make the official announcement. After what seems like forever, all plans are finalized and we are ready to GROW. What is now known as Adams Breezy Hill Farm will soon have 2 more words added to it.  Adams Breezy Hill Farm AND MERCANTILE.  But… first things first.

We are upgrading our kitchen!!  We have managed to serve upwards of 300-500 plus people over a 3 day period every weekend for the last 4 years.  Because of the old equipment we have, somehow we’ve managed to accomplish this…mostly.  (see blog from 2 weeks ago regarding bad reviews).  What we are doing is purchasing all new kitchen equipment and re-designing the layout of our kitchen that will allow us to serve our growing customers in a much more timely and efficient manner, with better consistency This makes us HAPPY to say the least. One of our biggest complaints is the wait time. Most people are very satisfied with their food, but are “hangry” by the time it reaches their table if we are having a busy shift.  Because you can’t see what we are working with, the customers feel like we are not doing our job as well as we should. You would be right!! We are not because we are suffering from growing pains and not able to keep up with demand. We are fixing that first and foremost. As you are reading this, the work is already in progress and we could not be happier or more excited.

We’re also expanding the restaurant to better serve you as well.  Now, you won’t be interrupted by people standing in line at the restroom while you’re trying to enjoy your meal.  The addition will contain new mens and women’s restrooms, completely separate from the dining room.   It will also include a waiting area for those chilly nights.  We’ll still have the porch, but we’ll now also have space indoors. This will also free up more seating in our main dinning rooms.

The porch at Breezy, the perfect place to get some fresh air. & It isn’t going anywhere!


I’ve always said that our customers will tell us what they want.  Many ask.  “Do you have a gift shop?” Now we will and it will be AWESOME!  In the “Mercantile” we will have dessert cases filled with cakes, pies, cookies and many other sweets reminiscent of a French bakery.  We will also have an Ice Cream freezer where you get a scoop of Pop’s Homemade Ice Cream dipped right in front of your eyes.  For those of you who have never had our ice cream, we have 13 flavors to choose from.  We will have gourmet coffees you can purchase by the cup or by the bean and teas. Gourmet food items such as our homemade dressings, rubs and sauces you can take home and bring out the creative cook inside you.

My Mom & Dad’s house. Wait until you see the inside! This is part of your view from inside the Restaurant.

For the home enthusiast, think French Country, Modern Farmhouse and Cottage style available in the Mercantile. We will have  housewares, some antiques and reproductions,  art and many other wonderful things. My goal in the Mercantile is to speak to all the 5 senses. We want you to leave feeling like you just went on a mini vacation that left you feeling relaxed,  renewed and inspired. We want it to give you fresh ideas for your little corner of the world. If any of you know my mother, Karen Adams, she will always be ready and willing to help you put your new prospective into action.  She is a master at designing spaces. Buying things for your home to recreate a design or style can be daunting.  She and I love all things interior design, and she is amazing at visualizing how things will look, put together in a space. As you can see from the pics below, her house looks like a magazine layout. Yes folks, it always looks like this. She is a perfectionist to say the least.   We are also  working with local artisans to bring in their handmade items for you as well. Each of our hand-picked artisans will be making one item exclusively for Adams Breezy Hill Farm. Wow!  Do we have some talent in this area, and I want to give them the platform to showcase their wares.

We want Adams Breezy Hill to be the restaurant that you have asked for and we’re making the investment to make it happen.  By the time this is published, the kitchen renovations will have already begun.  Construction on the addition is anticipated to start by the beginning of next month with a completion date of August 4th, just in time for our once in a lifetime event we are calling the Solarbration which will take place on August 18th-21st.  This plan has been in the works for over a year.  Not being a patient people, this past year has been agonizing. We are ready to GOROW!!

Solarbration at Breezy Hill is going to be EPIC!! CALL US FOR DETAILS!! (270) 365-1234


We can’t wait to better serve you in the days to come. You are the reason we are here, and you are the reason we strive to do our job better everyday. It truly is a blessing to bless and a blessing to be blessed.


Sincerely, Scott and Kristina Evans