Happy Spring from us at Adams Breezy Hill Farm!!

Happy Spring y’all. This is one of my favorite times around the farms, if not my most favorite. I am  NOT a winter person, so that could be why. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pretty snow every once in a while, but the cold gloomy and short days seem to get this girl down. When things start coming to life, it makes me happy, lightens my mood, and brings inspiration! I have always been an outside girl, and growing up in a country setting, I have learned to appreciate all that Spring means. To me, it is not January 1 that signifies new beginnings, but it is the day perennials start peaking their heads out, beautiful blooms start showing up on tree’s, and the days start getting a little longer, warmer and brighter. Gardens are planted and new farm animals are born. It energizes me with a new hope. How ironic as well,  that it was this very month, 3 years ago that the love of my life walked into my Spring.  I am always amazed how God wakes up the earth after the winter season of rest and restoration and displays his beauty in something that looked dead for a season. How fitting that is when we celebrate Easter as well.


Even our sweet servers get to enjoy the front porch on their break.

This year is no exception! We have so much going on around here at Breezy Hill for 2017 that this Spring is even more exciting. I have been working on the porch this week so our customers can enjoy all the outside beauty our surroundings have to offer while they enjoy their lunch, dinner or just dessert and sweet tea. I love walking outside while we are open and seeing people enjoying themselves with friends or family, or just by themselves. Taking just a minute to enjoy a slower pace, good food,  and all the beauty God offers us on our little farm. Very seldom do I see cell phones out. Just people enjoying people in an atmosphere that takes them away from chaos if only for a little while.



The creek at Battle Creek Farm is beautiful in the Spring!

In the afternoons when Scott and I get to go home and enjoy Battle Creek Farm, the experience for me is no different. Our little oasis offers privacy and a place of calm and peace where I can clear my head and just be. Scott and I marvel all the time at how lucky we are to live in a location that when you get there, we are the only ones there. There are no neighbors within viewing sight, and no traffic. We spend a lot of time in the late afternoon, when the work is done on our little front porch just taking it all in. The farm is where we reconnect after a hectic day of serving our customers and living our dreams. It is where much dreaming has taken place as well.  It is the birth place of several dreams that are becoming a reality today. The fact that we can offer an oasis for our customers at Breezy Hill and go home to paradise at Battle Creek Farm is a blessing all with in itself. It keeps us grounded and recharges our batteries. We also offer our private little corner of the world for special occasions.  Battle Creek holds so many fond memories for me starting at childhood and Scott for the past 3 years. Not to mention our guest who have tied the knot there, had anniversary and birthday parties and used our home as a little getaway.

Butterflies and fresh Spring flowers make for a beautiful Spring day!

So my friends, during this season of planting and growth, let me encourage you to plant an inspirational dream of your own. Like a perennial, it will take time for it to grow to its full potential. Plant it with faith and take care of it, some day the harvest will come.  Then, if only for just a few minuets, sit back and see all the beauty that surrounds you. Smell the flowers, reconnect with family and friends, feel the warm sunshine on your face and the Spring breezes that blow. Find beauty in the rainy days knowing the purpose they serve. Get inspired by just being still and taking it all in.  We have the perfect porch and of course a swing just for you at Adams Breezy Hill Farm and you are welcome anytime and any season. Spring time is a great time and we would love to have you soon. If you have never been here before, this is a great season  to experience all we have to offer.  Kristina.