First phase of Adams Breezy Hill restaurant

Have you ever planted a seed thinking you knew exactly what kind of plant it would grow in to? Weeks, months and maybe even years pass and as you water and care for your seedling you watch it grow into something that far outreaches your expectations? You had a picture in your mind of what you thought it would be, the colors it would produce, and the space it would require. In the end, it was nothing like you dreamed, but more, so much more. With every blessing comes burdens, or should I say more work. Because the plant required more then we imagined, it took several hands to maintain the growth and make it into what it is today. Each hand contributed it’s own special skill to make the seedling strong at the roots and grow taller as the years passed. Its a blessing to bless and it is a blessing to be blessed. That, my friends, is a metaphor for what Adams Breezy Hill Farm means to our family. The unexpected small dream seed by one man that turned into a family affair. To date, this seedling has turned into a small tree. We still nurture it daily and it’s still growing inch by inch into what we pray will become a generational blessing for many. We want our children’s children to comfortably rest in the shade of one mans dream seed for years to come. I want my children and my precious grand babies to dream bigger because of it.

Rule #1, write things down!

So many of our customers have asked how this restaurant, in the middle of corn fields came about. I am getting ready to tell you our story to those who are interested. I am sure of the fact that I will leave some things out that are important to this story simply because I did not write it all down as it was happening. Isn’t it funny how we think, during the time, we could never forget what took place. But, as you all know, we get busy. Life events happen and the memories and even years become blurry. I have always kept a journal off and on, but never with consistency. Curses!!


One thing is for sure. This story will be told from my heart and I apologize from the start to anyone or anything I left out that is a pertinent memory to you, that over the years I may have forgotten.

This dream started in my Daddy’s mind sometime before 2011. My Dad, aka Pop’s is a quiet man and a protector of his dreams until he is ready to “get it started.” Once he has made his mind up, it’s as good as done, as far as he is concerned. Daddy doesn’t like his dreams to be challenged when he feels like it is “right.” I can remember the day, not the month, but lets say early Spring of 2011. Dad walked Mom and I out to the fence that lined the field of their house. This house is also the home I grew up in since the 3rd grade. He had laid stakes out for a 36 by 36 building and in what seemed like a blink, the first holes where dug that started what is today. Now, let me insert this. His dream has not turned out anything like he envisioned. In the beginning Daddy wanted nothing more then to sale his homegrown vegetables and homemade ice cream from his residence instead of taking it to town everyday on a wagon like he had done for years. He wanted a recliner in the kitchen with a TV to watch at will. He had established many followers for his produce and sweet treats, so this made perfect sense at the time. Daddy was now retired and could live life on his terms….or so he thought! To be fair I must insert here that Mom, aka MiMi, was hesitant over this investment and with many prayers and a lot of faith on her part she conceded to follow his vision, as she often has many times. My mother is the one that makes a vision beautiful with her talent for all things pleasing to the eye. Adams Breezy Hill Farm was no different. From the inside out I think our establishment is pleasing to all the 5 senses. In fact, she is the one who came up with the name after weeks of us racking our brains to come up with something unique and all our own. Ultimately, the reason it was named this is that, on our hill, the breeze always seems to be blowing through the beautiful maple trees that line the driveway.

Karen, David, and Kristina Adams (Early 1970’s)

Where did I come in to the picture of this dream? Well, here is the long version in short form. Some where in the early stages of the initial building process my Dad asked me if I would like to try a small menu to offer along with the ice cream and fresh vegetables being sold. Lunch was the only option we would serve. Being as I had owned and operated a small gift shop/ cafe years ago in downtown Princeton, I had some experience in the restaurant business. For those of you who may or may not remember, it was called Classic Country and the Hearthside Cafe located on Main Street across from Joiner Hardware. I had missed those days and with little thought I said yes! So, while my son’s Tanner and Tyler Lear, myself and my mom and dad were working diligently on the interior during the hot summer days to get the establishment up and going, I would go home in the evenings to create a unique menu. My creative juices started flowing again, and things started coming to me that I had no idea where they came from. I call that a ‘God thing.’ Let me insert here I come from a long line of great cooks. I had the privilege of growing up in a household that my mother had a home cooked meal on the table almost every night. Made from scratch and lots of love. My Dad was no stranger to the kitchen either. He has been making homemade pizza’s and ice cream since I can remember along with some of the best breakfast meals you ever put in your mouth including homemade preserves, and maple syrup he made himself. I remember hog killings and have eaten everything but the oink. I remember my Dad growing Sorghum and making it right in our back yard. I remember raising chickens and the process of getting them on our table. I remember how ‘not fun’ plucking feathers was. I remember watching my Grand Dad milk cattle and drinking the milk straight from the vat it went in. I remember watching my grandmother make butter with that sweet cream. My great grandmother, Icey Bell Adams, whom we all called Ol’ Mother, made the best anything you put in your mouth, and she taught my grandmother Margret Adams, a.k.a Mother Adams, a lot of what she knew. I watched them all through my childhood make things from scratch with few wholesome ingredients that turned into master pieces. Taste and smells I will never forget. The Adams have always had a passion for food. It is our love language. That being said, that is the only culinary school I have ever had, and it was taught by some of the “best” cooks you would ever want to find. I miss those days and wish I could visit them just one more time. Trust me, I would have paid a lot more attention. In my defense, I was young and had no idea how much their talent and love for food would eventually effect my life by just knowing what really good food taste like.

Finally opening day arrives in August 2011. We had no idea how this would turn out . There were many debates among family members if we could make it “a go”out here in the middle of no where. We had nothing more to work on then a pancake griddle from the dollar store, a stove/ oven, a 3 compartment sink a very old convection oven, and a work table. I had one employee in the kitchen with me, an over achiever menu to prepare, as well as my Mom and Dad who helped when needed. My 1st daughter in law was a server and we opened the doors. As with most new business, when you open the doors you have a slew of people that want to “check it out.” I look back now and wonder how in the world we made it and still kept the doors open. To say we were under prepared for what all this would require was an understatement. Time went on though and the new wore off. There were days in the following winter I would sit in the dinning room and wonder if we would have even one customer. Second guessing all the time and work we had put into this place. Spring rolled around in 2012 and business started picking back up. We slowly built followers who forgave us for our initial mistakes and gave us a second chance, as well as acquiring new customers along the way. By the end of 2012 we were picking up steam and realizing this may not be a mistake after all. We were quickly running out of room, and customers were starting to request evening hours. SO…the next leg of the race began, and Dad wanted to add brick oven pizza to the menu. Being true to the form of who he is, he set out to find stone off of old chimneys to build our authentic, wood fired brick oven and massive fireplace that now resides in the new addition that was finished by November, 2013. Dad and Franky Morse took on this large undertaking themselves. As the walls for the new addition were being built, Dad went out and found 7 old chimneys and tore them down, brought them back , laid them out to design himself, a beautiful work of art that is now a part of our unique restaurant. Franky used his skills with mortar and my Dad as his side kick to bring it to life. Again I got to create an entire dinner menu. I spent hours and a lot of imagination to come up with a unique dinner menu. Wa La, Dinner was served. By this time we had added several more employees, and to date we have 10 to 12 people who work for us. Not to mention my children and their wives who work when needed. Like I said, it is a family affair.

Now, i am going to try to wrap this story up with out boring you to tears on my first blog. All my other post will be much shorter and take less time. I just knew I had to keep the horse in front of the cart so you could understand our story better.

We have had many growing pains along the way, not to mention life events that have changed the dynamics of what is. In 2013, I went through a time I will never forget that changed my life and this restaurant forever. I will leave out all the nasty details, but after my 2nd marriage of 7 years, my husband walked out the door, never to return on the same day we buried my grandfather. Here I was, a failure at love again. Grieving was an understatement. I went through deep depression, and could barely function in all my dysfunction. If it had not been for my family and employees I call friends, the doors would have shut, and at that time, I really didn’t care. Turns out, this was the most pivotal time of my adult life. God didn’t answer one single prayer in the way I asked. My husband didn’t return and my life never went back to where it was…thank goodness, or should I say “ Thank You Lord!” Unanswered prayers at the time, never feel good and leave you with a lot of anxiety and feeling of abandonment to say the least. Winter passed, and ABHF survived my personal trials. In March of 2014 a family friend offered me their cabin to get away and get it together. Instead of being their 2 days, by myself and my faithful dog Alice, a ice storm hit and I was stranded for almost 5 days. I couldn’t get out and no one could get me out. I still say to this day that ice storm took place just for me. I cried, wrote and prayed my way through those 5 days. When my Dad could finally come pick me up and get me back, I was truly at peace with what was and ready to get back to building our dream.

THEN…SOMETHING AMAZING TOOK PLACE. As you probably know, we are not open on Sundays, but that year we decided to open Easter Sunday. As it turned out, I ended up waiting tables instead of being in the kitchen. Table# N3 changed my life and this restaurant forever. Mr and Mrs John Evans were sitting at this table along with Rick and Crissy Nichols and their small son Jake. Along with these people I have know for years sat this man and another young boy. I didn’t pay much attention, and was focused on getting their order. I asked Mr and Mrs. Evans what they would like to drink and then said, “Sir, what would you like to drink?” He didn’t answer me which forced me to look up and pay attention to this fine looking, salt and pepper haired man dressed in his Sunday best. He looked at me and said, “You have know idea who I am do you?” Turns out, it was Scott Evans. I had known him since my high school days, and as a matter of fact, we graduated together. We never ran in the same crowd, but we come from a small school. To say his looks had changed is putting it mildly. As the afternoon progressed, I learned that the other small boy was his son. They had moved back to Princeton from Louisville after the sudden death of his wife, Donna. Lucas was 4 at the time and he had an older son, Colin that had just went off to college at Western. I can remember not being able to get Scott off of my mind, and the story of how he ended up back in our hometown. I remember me and my parents talking about it on the porch that day as they left and how sad his story was.

Scott and Kristina Evans

That evening he sent me a message on FB complimenting me and his experience at Adams Breezy Hill Farm Restaurant on that fateful day. A few messages later, he invited me for Derby Pie on Derby day and the fateful love story began. God handed me a package wrapped up in a beautiful bow with my name on it! Things fell into place so perfectly, and I knew that I knew, that I knew he was the missing piece in my life. Nothing had ever felt so right or so clear. It was a whirlwind romance and we were married less than 6 months later. Sometime later in a future blog, I will elaborate on our wedding day. In January 2016 Scott came on board as an employee. He took over “all things office” and relieved me of what I hated doing most. Scott had been a banker for many years in Nashville, and also had been part owner in a snack distributing company in Louisville. He was the perfect fit in so many ways. Like I said, he was my missing piece!

To date, Scott and myself as well as my Mom and Dad work this dream together daily. Each contributing our God given talents to the venture. Trust me, it’s not a life everybody could live, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are still giving it all we have. We are tending the seedlings and watching them grow into more then we ever dreamed it could be.

Don’t ever dream small my friends. Dream as big as the sky and remember if you are doing what is your purpose, with passion God will put everything into place. Despite your failures, despite your bank account, and despite the obstacles we call life. Dreams aren’t built on feelings alone, but a whole lot of faith in what you can’t see at the moment.