True Story

For those of you who read the last post, thank you! Time sure does fly when you are having fun, and reducing that long story down was a feat for me. Like onions, there are so many layers in a lifetime,(Shrek pun intended) and I will start pealing them back one by one as time goes on. Each blog post will enlighten you more on what all has taken place to get us to today, and the dreams we have for tomorrow.   I hope you find some value, humor, and maybe even a few lessons along the way.  My biggest mantra that will ring true through all these stories is “DREAM AS BIG AS THE SKY.” It may not turn out anything like you thought it would, but it will set you on a path to a life full of passion and potential. You may even stumble and fail along the way. That’s ok!! In fact it’s just part of it. If you get back up “the fall” will be time well spent.  It will make you believe in yourself and others, and it will teach you to never give up!! God is good, life can be hard, and Gods blessings are endless for each of us. Thank goodness, because one of the biggest blessings in my life wasn’t put in front of me until I was 48 years old. Scott Evans became part of my dream that I never would have dreamed for myself.  I have to tell you more about our wedding day, and what it can offer you.

Scott & Kristina Evans on their wedding day. 10/11/2014

When Scott and I met, I was living on my Grandparents old dairy farm, now known as Battle Creek Farm.  The dairy days were over, and the land had been passed on to my father. To date, its fields are used for lease cropping.  Scott and I take care of the grounds, barns and little farm-house that my grandparents had built after they had purchased this beautiful farm in the 50s. This 100 acres of land is full of history, including a battle fought on a hill-side during the civil war. Before Scott walked into my life, I always had a dream of turning the old tobacco barn into a house. This old barn has always spoken to me, telling me it could be so much more. You can still smell the tobacco that hung in its walls for many years, and see the patena on the walls that only time can create.  I can still see myself as a little girl helping my dad and grand dad strip tobacco. I also remember making my first mud pies on the creek hillside next to the tobacco barn in the old tin pans Mother Adams saved for me.  I consider it a privilege to live in the very house that made up a big part of my childhood.  It’s not the biggest and best house you could hope to live in, but the memories it holds…you can’t put a price on. We have worked inside and out to make it our own.

The old tobacco barn, which is now the reception barn.

The “little” white farmhouse

The creek where all of my mud pies were made.


Where does this barn fit into my love story? It is the very place where Scott and I got married, and what has turned into Battle Creek Farm Venue.  When we started talking marriage, I had shared my love of that barn with Scott. I had of course taken him to the farm. At the time, the grounds were a mess due to my life being upside down, and not having the equipment or ability to take care of it by myself after my divorce.  Things had pretty much “gone to pot” at the farm before Scott walked on the scene. I told him my vision of  a house, and then it hit me!!!!  How neat would it be to get married in this barn?? Once again, my dream vision didn’t turn out anything like I thought it would, but sooooo much better.  As with all my dreams, Scott takes them to heart and gives it all he has to make my hopes come true. He never tells me my ideas are not achievable, but instead looks for ways to make them happen. So the work began, I think just a few hours after I said it. This old barn was full of old equipment and old wood up in its rafters. It had critters living in it that had to be evacuated. Remarkable though, the exterior was in great shape. We went to work in July of 2014 to get it “wedding day ready” by October. Folks, Scott and I worked our tails off every spare second we had, but as always, the hard work paid off. At the time Scott was working at Purcell as a manager and helping out on weekends at Adams Breezy Hill Farm Restaurant. Looking back now, I am not sure how we made all that come together in 3 short months. Not to mention it was the dead of a very hot summer. Love and dreams obviously give you strength you didn’t know you had.

Updating the barn- Scott up in the rafters, hanging an old ladder.

Lucas Evans (age 5) helping clean out the old barn.

Man was it hot!!!

Taking a break in the shade at the old barn, looking out at the beautiful creek.

Here’s the fun part. We didn’t want anyone to know what was getting ready to take place. We only told our parents, and wanted to invite only close friends and relatives to the upcoming “Barn Party”. From the beginning, we had in mind to offer it as a venue after our wedding.  It was only our next business venture as far as anyone else knew. We didn’t want others to know that Scott and I would be the first couple to get married in this old barn. As secrets go, they are often hard to keep. My Dad, aka Pops, was the worst secret keeper, and he told just enough that most everyone knew by the time October 11th rolled around.  I just think he was proud of the son-in-law he was about to get, and the fact his daughter had found peace and joy.  There were a few that had no idea, but for the most part the secret was out. So without much surprise, Scott and I were married on a cold rainy day in the Fall of 2014 and it couldn’t have been more perfect or magical.

Taking our vows. The very first wedding at Battle Creek Farm

Scott, Lucas, and our beloved dog Alice on our wedding day. Of course Alice was invited.

Wedding day ready. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year.

Wedding day ready.

This pumpkin was carved by Scott’s friend, Mike for our special day.

To date we have had several weddings at Battle Creek Farm Venue and several scheduled for this year.  Each one that has taken place has been special in its own way.  I love the fact that others love story has a connection to this farm I love so much. We have added a lot since our wedding including the ceremony barn. This old barn was used for the dairy cattle to feed in. Now it’s full of old church pews we purchased as well as rustic decor. It looks nothing like the tobacco barn, aka the reception barn that was completed first. It’s simply done with candle light, and takes romance to the next rustic level. You can check out all our info and pricing at http//  if this story intrigues you at all. Battle Creek Farm is also a great spot for other events, such as family reunions, class reunions, birthdays and more. It is a totally private venue because it dead ends on Battle Creek Rd. I have often said it is like living on your own little Island.

Elizabeth Story, bride of Josh Wilhelm

Blaire East, bride of Austin Phelps

Layne Banister, bride of Ryan Peek

Morgan Major, bride of Quentin White

This is our ceremony barn, what was once the old tobacco barn.

“Take me to church”

Mock wedding (open house- June 2016)

Never give up on love friends, and always look for that special someone who values you and your dreams. It took me a lot of heartache to learn that lesson. Now, by the grace of God I have found the one whom my soul loves. And the one who loves my soul. Beautiful things can always come out of tragedy,  and Gods answers almost never look anything like you imagined. Scott and I look at each other all the time and ask the question, ” whoda’ thunk it!” Not us, not for 1 second. You can’t script something like this. Till next time, I wish you love and dreams, imagined or not!! Kristina

Memories from our first date. (Yes, we still have this)