The beginnings of Adams Breezy Hill Farm Restaurant.

Have you ever thought it be awesome if we lived in a perfect world where nothing ever went wrong, and everything you touched was a work of pure perfection??  I guess, but I also think on the flip side of that, life might be very boring and unimaginative.  There would be no room for growth. Nothing to strive for, to hit “a mark”. No new relationships with people simply because they can teach you things you never would have learned, had you not met them.  Therefore, constant perfection doesn’t seem that enticing to me, but reaching for it does. It keeps me motivated. We all have moments when we get there, if only for a moment,  but it takes hard work and determination. Most of all it takes persistence and a heck of a lot of patience with yourself and others. Very seldom do we achieve alone.

Has anyone ever told you that you did a bad job at something you work so hard at?  Or that the job you did let them down? I have, and I’m grateful.  Note, I didn’t say I liked it or that it didn’t leave me with hurt feelings and self-doubt.  After I get over those initial feelings though, I try to learn something from my failures. There is always a lesson there, if we will only look.  Lets flip that.  Have you ever been praised for a great job at something you did?  I have, and they don’t teach me near as much as an honest, well intended, negative comment. Of course, I enjoy hearing the nice complements and we all need them. But the bad reviews can be priceless!!  It can teach you new ideas and concepts of ways to strive for perfection.  It makes you think of something that never occurred to you before. It makes you ask questions. It keeps you humble. It makes you learn from your mistakes and look for ways to improve… hopefully.

If you have ever been to Adams Breezy Hill Farm, you should have received a comment card from your server as your meal was coming to an end. Folks, these things are pure gold to me. I read them religiously . The few times we have run out of them it leaves me with a feeling of nakedness in front of a crowd!! I have learned along the way that there are many who will not tell you personally how they feel, no matter how much you ask them. They  will, however, write it down and leave. GREAT!!  It’s my top priority to leave people feeling like they just had a wonderful, unique, experience when they leave the Breezy. I want people to feel welcomed ,relaxed, full  and totally satisfied with every aspect of your visit. When that doesn’t happen, for whatever reason, I want it fixed immediately.  When the ball is dropped, I want to pick it back up quickly and get it back in the game.

And then there is that little jewel called social media.  You talk about a powerful tool.  Man!  Have we gotten a few bad reviews over the years for the whole world to see, instantly!!  You want to hide, cry, scream, blame, etc simply because it is not private anymore its SOCIAL, its embarrassing and it hurts. You carry it with you for days replaying what could have happened and why.  You know when one of those shows up, it can cost you lots. It doesn’t matter what happened behind the scenes, what may or may not have taken place to cause the bad review. All that matters is that these people were let down, and now the whole world knows about it.  Now that’s pressure. You don’t get over them, and they always stick out in your mind, and on your page. I’m convinced it takes 100 good remarks to overcome one bad one.  As much as it hurts, we always try to get better from it and make it right with the individual.  It gives us the opportunity to extend more training to staff.  It keeps us on our toes, and that’s a great thing. It helps you learn how to turn a negative into a positive. At your business and in life.  Some forgive and give you another try, and some don’t. The important thing is, they taught us.  For that I am thankful to all of them that wrote a bad review in the news.

In life, the negative mistakes and trial of trying times always, always have a lesson in them. We have to learn how to get over them as quickly as possible and LEARN from them.  A negative can either leave you bitter or make you better. I think “better” is a great choice because life is full of failure.  Seek forgiveness in the wrong and MOVE ON stronger and wiser than the day before. Process your failures through your heart of passion.  Incredible power is released when we drop the chains of fear over failure and share our stories. Don’t be ashamed of your scars. They are a gift to others. A gift of knowledge and power that only comes from moments of imperfection.